Question: What is the available size for the photo in glass?

Answer: Basically, photo glass can be of any size, up to 2500 х 3000 mm, from the smallest one of 10 х 15 mm.

Also, our item can be shaped as any figure: oval, cupola, heart, circle or produced according to the customer’s pattern.


Question: Why your photos do not fade in the sunlight and do not get wet?

Answer: To produce photo glass, we utilize our unique technology that we do not disclose completely... However, we can state that the image itself is not subjected to fading as during printing, the paints are fixed with UV. The photo is protected from any atmospheric phenomena and weather conditions due to vacuum and polymer produced between the two glass sheets under high pressure. We guarantee that our goods won’t fade and get wet for 25 years!


Question: Is it possible to break photo glass?

Answer: If there is a will, there is a way to break everything:) Our items are not as fragile as ordinary glass because they are thick and multilayered but they are sensitive to mechanical damages (by the way, our warranty does not cover this case). That’s why installation and transportation of photo glass should be performed carefully and professionally. Also, we offer an additional service to use tempered glass instead of ordinary glass sheets. It makes the product more expensive, but considerably more sturdy.

We conducted an experiment to test how sturdy photo glass is: we took a granite place and ordinary (not tempered) Photo glass, put in on the ground and repeatedly dropped a small piece of granite on it from 1-meter height… As a result, the granite plate was spalled but the photo glass did withstand 3!!! hits and split a little after the third one.

To summarize, we can say that if one intends to spoil a monument, it is possible to break both the granite and the photo in glass. But with no deliberate damage to photo glass, this portrait will stand for many years to come, like those ones ordered by our customers.


Question: What does this technology imply?

Answer: We will repeat once again, we can’t disclose the technology completely as it is patented, etc. But to make it clear, it is similar to the one utilized in bulletproof glass production for tanks – however, they use 5-6 glass sheets, while we take only 2.


Question: How the portrait in glass can be fixed?

Answer: Photo glass can be fixed in various ways, depending on the monument’s construction:

  • in a niche cut in the stone adjusting it with silicone, preferably avoiding the contact of the photo in glass and the stone, providing silicone padding. Thus, if the monument shrinks, the stone won’t make pressure on the glass;
  • right to the monument’s surface without a niche. In this case, the glass must not be too big so that silicone or mounting glue could withstand the glass weight;
  • with external fixings that are available at our store. Such type of mounting requires holes in the glass. This should be specified while placing the order.


Question: Is it possible to make a monument of glass?

Answer: Our workshop can produce a monument made of glass, with no granite. Typically, such monuments look like big photo glass, at least 20 mm thick. Most frequently, this monument is installed on a granite stand or pedestal with a cut-in slot to insert the photo glass or special mounting feet to hold the monument. They are adjusted to the headstone or the pedestal.


Question: What photo can be used for Photo glass?

Answer: We can make photo glass out of absolutely any photo or picture. What is more, we can add an inscription, initials or an epitaph. It is possible to make photo glass with a portrait + photo glass with an inscription and combine them in one glass in the front part, with the reverse side displaying saints’ faces, landscapes, or photo collage featuring moments from the deceased person’s life. Also, it is possible to make a headstone out of photo glass reading a verse or just depicting a beautiful picture.


Question: Where can I see your products?

Answer: Samples of our products are available at our office. Also, you can order granite or marble monuments there. Our head office is situated in Kyiv in the at Osokorki and at the Northern Cemetery (see our contacts)

We cooperate with other workshops dealing with stone and monuments so you can find our photo glass samples almost in any city of Ukraine.

One of the best samples is the completed one that is installed in the cemetery already. That’s why you can see our products in the Baikove cemetery, Forest cemetery, Berkovets, Southern and other cemeteries in Ukraine

We are open to cooperation with monument producers and granite workshops.