FotosklO is a unique patented technology to produce portraits or any other images in multi-layered glass.

A photo in glass is a method of high pressure and temperature baking of an image printed on glass and tempered with UV light. This technology should not be confused with “gluing” as in glued glass, the sides have to be protected from humidity, otherwise they will get condensed or split. The so-called “glass packaging” won’t preserve the photo from the impact of time – the photo will become yellowish and lose its shape.

A photo in glass made by us can be used in monuments with open sides or other constructions subjected to temperature leaps, sunlight, and humidity. Photos in glass can WITHSTAND ALL THAT EASILY!

The paints used in photo glass are subjected to UV and thermal processing when they are made.

Beware of fakes! Our product is watermarked as FotosklO.

Production process
  • process
    Stage 1
    Photo processing with regard to the customer’s wishes and printing requirements
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    Stage 2
    Cutting glass of needed thickness and shape
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    Stage 3
    Printing the image on glass
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    Stage 4
    Tempering the image with UV light
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    Stage 5
    Photo encapsulation between the glass sheets with high pressure and temperature over 140C
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    Stage 6
    Handling the product sides. Passing the masterpiece to the Customer and receiving one more happy client:)
The sides

The photo glass sides are always airtight and withstand humidity!

In case the glass is adjusted with external fixings, we recommend ordering an additional service of polishing the sides. It does not affect the quality of the product’s airtight properties but is an aesthetic element making the sides perfectly smooth.

Another additional option that could be included while making the glass order is the facet. The facet in the front part of the photo glass makes the item more refined and provides smooth shapes. If you would like to have a FotosklO with polished sides and a facet, please inform the manager about that while making your order!


Photo glass fixation is an important and responsible process. When considering the mounting right to the granite or marble plate, there are several options available:

  • to the niche (chosen hollow in the plate). In this case, the distance between the photo glass and the stone must be at least 5 mm from all the sides. This is required as it helps to avoid the constant pressure on the glass in winter and with temperature leaps when glass and stone expand and squeeze. While mounting the glass to the niche it is important to pick up the correct silicone to fix and close the seams. We recommend the silicones Soul Silirub 2 и Sika flex 11
  • for external fixation. This type of mounting requires drilling holes. You should inform the manager on this while making your order! You can buy steel fixings by the German producer Ninox at our shop. We offer bronze fixings by the Italian producer Coggiati as well. While mounting glass with external fixings, make sure the glass does not contact the metal.Ninox fixings are provided with silicone pads for the front and back sides of the glass, a pin in the hole should be wrapped with a plumbers tape.
  • Another option to fix Photo glass is a granite or bronze frame. In this case, the fixation of glass is similar to the mounting in the niche.
  • The simplest fixation option is just to glue Photo glass with silicone to the monument’s surface. This method is convenient when the monument is already installed in the cemetery and the glass size is rather small, the item won’t shift due to its own weight this way. This a wonderful method to refresh the monument or to put the Photo glass on the old portrait engraved in the stone. When it is necessary to add one more name on an existing monument, it is also possible to order glass with inscriptions and dates and to fix it covering the engraving.
Quality mark

We put a quality mark on all our products. It reads FotosklO in the right bottom corner. First, this is a confirmation to the customers that they receive an original FotosklO item. Second, this a proof to us in the case of warranty exchange. Only FotosklO gives a 25-year warranty and issues a warranty certificate to its clients.


Our technology is patented. All specialists are properly trained. This way, we were able to collect numerous positive customer reviews.

Are there any questions? Ask them for our specialist
Examples of monuments

We are sure that thanks to the Photogallery the monument will differ very favorably from the gray sullen tasteless granite slabs with which the cemeteries are filled!

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  • Пример 2
  • Пример 3
  • Пример 4
  • Пример 5
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